Vertical axis wind turbine catches eyes in Kansas

Wind power opponents often cite aesthetics, noise, and bird kills as reasons for not wanting wind farms or turbines nearby… call it renewable NIMBYism. General contractor (and past installer of Christo projects) A.L. Huber has installing a next-generation vertical axis wind turbine at its Overland Park, KS headquarters that designers claim addresses all of these complaints lodged against wind installations.

The first phase in the company’s REDI-NOW renewable energy demonstration project, the AeroNet vertical axis twin rotor turbine claims higher efficiency, lower turbine speed, and a low visual profile. It’s also just really cool looking: when Chuck Steel, the spokesperson for Iowa’s state utilities board, saw the turbine while driving by, he had to stop to figure out what it was.

Huber’s installation of the turbine is the first in the US, and represents the growth of smaller-scale wind technology for individual buildings. So far, no protesters…