The White House goes gay

Great gay news is being reported over at Towleroad today. The lovable Simon Doonan, legendary Barneys window dresser, celebrated author, and hubbie to Jonathan Adler, will be decorating the White House this Christmas. This could be really good for the gays. Or it could be utter disaster.  While, personally, I adore Doonan’s style it is a bit colorful and risky. He’s inspired by Pop art and kitsch and if you’ve ever seen his windows you’d know he does not believe in the “less is more” mentality. With Doonan, more is more. And more is usually over-the-top, colorful, and brash. With sequins. And glitter.

Doonan, who married Adler in California, is pretty outspoken on gay rights too. Here’s hoping his creations are colorful and inspired and help change some minds. Who says you can’t fight for civil rights with a little tinsel and a hot glue gun?