The Backlash Against Lady Gaga Has Begun!

People are turning against Lady Gaga! As someone who sings about the pitfalls of fame, the omnipresent chanteuse should have known that as a result of her own stardom, cynics would be scrunching their foreheads and declaring her unworthy of it.

The bigger she gets, the more people dredge up the nerve to declare her Lady Caca. Everywhere I turn, friends, clubbies, and cab drivers are muttering dismissive remarks about the risen singer/dancer, whom they originally pegged a one-hit wonder, but now have to concede is at the very least a four hit wonder, and who they swear is nothing more than an unpersuasive mass of smoke and mirrors (and masks and blood and bubbles and platinum records and sold-out concerts).

“The looks she does are fine,” one friend told me, anguished, “but the music is crap!” Still, when “Poker Face” or “Paparazzi” come on in the background—and they always do—he involuntarily starts to wiggle his body and mouth along in orgiastic glee.

“She’s just piggybacking on the gays!” declared another know-it-all who liked her until everyone else did. As if celebs think they can gain popularity by being gay activists. (If so, go ahead!) Besides, Gaga has made a point of saying she’s not waving the rainbow flag to seem edgy. She sincerely wants to help her friends get respect—and she did so with high-profile appearances at the Human Rights Campaign and the National Equality March on Washington, where conspicuously absent was…my friend the know-it-all.

Despite all her fancy artifice, there’s something vulnerable and sincere about the Lady that makes her very appealing. A dazzling amalgam of glam rock icons and ‘90s club kids, with a hint of Madonna, she’s the Frankenstein monster of dance divas, but with original doses of outrage, camp, Grand Guignol, and actual thought.

“I finally made it,” she told me last year, when she was all of 22. “I’ve been doing this since I was 14,” she added by way of explanation. And she’s already survived a tour with the New Kids on the Block and the inevitable SNL appearance, so I’d say she’s pretty much indestructible.

She’ll survive the backlash too. A recent New York Post article declared Gaga tired, artificial, and hollow, but they must have confused her with the manufactured pop tarts that usually fill the charts. Not to worry. No one would be trying to tear her down if she weren’t way up over their heads. So congrats on your backlash, Lady Gaga. Don’t let it interfere with your bubbles.

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