Revolutionary new PS-spot toy

You’ve heard of the G-spot, and hopefully the P-spot, but what about the PS-Spot? We’ve written about it before on our advice site and in our book, SEX: How to Do Everything: Just beneath a woman’s perineum (that short bridge of tissue between the vaginal opening and the anus) is a tightly packed tangle of blood vessels alternately known as the perineal sponge, the perineal body, or — you guessed it! — the PS-spot. Like other erectile tissue, this mass fills with blood upon arousal and can be sensitive to massage and pressure via the perineum, via the lower back wall of the vagina (opposite the G-spot), or via the anus. Just because every women’s magazine hasn’t written a million articles on it (like they have on the G-spot) doesn’t mean it’s not deserving of your love and attention. Who knows, it could be your magic button.

Now there’s a new sex toy on the horizon finally acknowledging this little lauded land of genital territory. One man has designed a 100% silicone, non-porous, waterproof toy called the Y-dildo specifically made for both the G-spot AND the PS-spot. It’s being manufactured in China (as most sex toys are) and he’s currently looking for distributors and advertisers. When we asked him why he chose to use a male demonstrator in the video instead of a female one, he explained, “I’m in the video. ;)

We have a feeling this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship more and more women will start having with their PS-spot. (Of course, you can always just use a thumb or twist a G-spotter vibe 180 degrees.) Remember, when the next three years of women’s magazine articles are dedicated to the PS-spot , you heard it from us first.