Nau teams up with The Bamboo Bike Project

As if Nau, the Oregon-based “eco-friendly activewear and outdoor clothing” gurus couldn’t get any cooler, check out the pop-up shop in Soho, which boasts not only a great-looking space (think lots of wood and raw materials) but has been home to a number of impressive events over the last month, featuring activism organizations, designers like Base and Edun and musicians (last week green-celeb Adrien Grenier’s band played) with a legit open bar to boot.

But what caught my eye when I visited the shop was the predominantly displayed Bamboo Bike. With a frame composed entirely out of bamboo, “a renewable and performance-positive material,” you can’t miss it. But it’s not just a bike; It’s a project. The goal is to bring transportation and jobs to developing countries, and you can help by building your very own Bamboo Bike at one of their weekend classes. Yeah, that’s right: you build it yourself. In just two days you’ll “fabricate a frame from bamboo, assemble the components and roll away with a custom-fitted ride, tuned to your body and cycling style.” Of course, if you’d prefer to skip the class and just get the bike, Nau will raffle one off at their bike event on Tuesday, Dec. 15th.