National Geographic image collection

I know I am supposed to be the gay voice around here finding all the camp YouTube videos and writing about Lady Gaga, fashion, and decorating. But we gays appreciate beauty of all sorts like the ugly duckling beauty of Babs and train wreck beauty of Liza. But gays are often times fascinated by the beauty of nature and animals and the world. National Geographic has recently published a book called National Geographic: The Image Collection. The images are broken into four sections: exploration, wildlife, people & cultures, and science & climate change. I cannot stress the importance or beauty of the collection.

On their website is an interactive version of the book. Prepare to spend many minutes of your day clicking around in amazement. And they’ve also assembled an interactive timeline documenting the history of photography. Starting with a snapshot from 1826 and ending with their first all-digital issue, the timeline shows the innovations, for better or worse, of photography. The book collects both new and old images, allowing the appreciation of photographs created with various machines and techniques. It’s fascinating stuff.