Let them eat divorce cake

We use food to celebrate – or get us through – lots of occasions. There’s candy on Halloween, turkey for Thanksgiving, and cake for birthdays, weddings and now…divorces. That’s right, the newest trend in the cake-making biz is the divorce cake. Yeah, it’s hokey, and I can’t actually imagine anyone signing their divorce papers and heading to the bakery to order a custom cake, but it’s a whole lot more civilized than sitting on the couch with a bag of M&Ms and a gallon of ice cream.

It’s kind of a crazy idea to begin with, but it’s actually catching on. After all, these aren’t just white cakes with the words “Happy Divorce” piped on top in icing. These cakes are more like staging arenas for miniature (and edible) brides and grooms to duke it out. And I suppose with all the cake-based reality shows, it’s really not so surprising. Recently divorced Tony Farina of Fort Lauderdale, FL bought a cake “for himself and two friends, also recently divorced. They’ll get all their buddies together – and eat cake.” Popular designs include the bride pushing the groom off a multi-tired cake, with blood dripping down each layer, or the bride and groom engaged in a high noon-style shoot out, equipped with an array of customizable weaponry.

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