Kristin Wiig comes to primetime

Kristin Wiig is Saturday Night Live’s strongest performer. She’s funny and awkward. She does impersonations effortlessly (see Bjork and Kathy Lee). And she takes skits that could be awful (Penelope, Target Lady) and makes them funny as all hell. Just check out her Bjork appearance above.

There is something gay about Wiig too. She’s not gay-gay and there is nothing classically camp about her. She’s no Liza. But she does have a wicked sense of humor and the ability to find humor in strange behavior and ugliness. And we gays get that and love that.  This is why she’s been our hero for sometime. Gawker has grouped some of her best performances and gives an update on Wiig’s new primetime Christmas special, SNL Presents: A Very Gilly Christmas. I have never been as bitter as the folks over at Gawker. While they hate the idea of a special focussed on their least favorite Wiig skit, Gilly, I welcome it. After all he gays have been saying “Schharry! for years in Gilly’s accent.