Jingle balls!

Smartballs by Fun Factory

That warm, fuzzy feeling you get from the holiday season can be experienced any time of year really (at least by the ladies) thanks to Smartballs, vaginal balls-within-balls that rotate fast and steadily with pelvic movement to help improve PC muscle strength and sensitivity — the lazy way of doing your Kegels! If you’re part of the group that (rightfully) believes Ben Wa balls don’t do dick, then these might change your mind. They’re made by Fun Factory, pretty much our favorite toy producer out there these days — they make high quality, body-safe products that always come with cleaning, care and usage instructions (usually not the case with cheap sex toys). So Fun Factory’s latest balls — the new-and-improved version called Teneo — are no different: they’ve got a flexible removal band of silicone, a soft silicone surface with perpendicular textured stripes for better sensitivity, a finger hollow for easy insertion, plus they’re odorless, phthalate-free, easy-to-clean and really quiet! In fact, they’re so quiet, you might forget you have them in. After all, like any vaginal balls, the sensation is subtle, with a capital S. Still, their low-level sensation might be the perfect niggling to subconsciously get you ready for a hot date or simply brighten your day. But if you prefer your toys to club you over the head, try wearing them to a step class. Available as a single ball (“uno”) or two linked ones (“duo”).