How things work: artists in conversation at the Guggenheim

Before Frederic Franklin worked with Josephine Baker at the Casino de Paris, and later with some of the best ballerinas of the 20th century, before his work earned him the Laurence Olivier Award for dance, he started out with just a few steps. Before Philip Glass composed a single song, he began with just a few notes. And before theoretical physicist Lisa Randall delved into the extra dimensions of space, she started out just looking up at the sky. But how did they make the initial connections that led to such rewarding careers?

In “Works and Process,” one of the Guggenheim’s most fascinating annual programs, a line up of great minds in the fields of dance, music, art and science take us through their creative process. Other speakers include Harvard political philosopher Michael J. Sandel, choreographer Karole Armitage, anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher and artists Matthew Ritchie and Ilya Kabakov, but there are many, many more. Start your new year off with a boost of inspiration. For a full schedule and to buy tickets, see the event calendar.