Hot guys + baby animals = genius

Somebody must have done this before. There’s got to be a 1978 calendar buried in someone’s basement  somewhere featuring topless guys in tight pants with lush mustaches and fluffy wittle kittens. But we’ve never seen it. So we’re kind of getting a kick out of Hot Guys and Baby Animals, the new Recess Peanut Butter Cup of the novelty gift industry. Their first product is a 2010 calendar – a portion of the proceeds go to various nonprofit animal rescues, including Bunny World Foundation and Karma Rescue. Apparently, every baby animal in the calendar is a rescue and many of them still need homes (though at least one male model — “Mr. March” — ended up adopting one of the dogs from the shoot, aaaaaawwww). See some behind the scenes stuff here. There should still be enough time to get one for your mom for Christmas.