Giant gummy bear

I just today started looking for Christmas gifts. Recently I stumbled upon Papabubble’s pop-up shop in Cappellini and I was all set to get my friends and family avant-garde candy confections for Christmas. And I most likely still will. However, this gorgeous, sugary mammal was just brought to my attention. And I am smitten.

Some will be disgusted by the thought of a 5-pound gummy bear. The amount of sugar and chemicals and artificial sweeteners and preservatives that go into creating such a magnificent beast is enough to scare anyone. To be exact the 5 pound gummy bear clocks in at 12,600 calories. It is the same as 1,400 regular gummy bears. Is that it? Wow. I love candy and I love gummy bears and I am seriously thinking about ordering a bunch of them up as gifts. I just don’t know if the gift will be a hit or if someone will hit me after I present them one of these guys.