George Michael comes clean about being anything but

George Michael is a troubled soul and a talented musician. Unlike many artists in the same boat though, Michael does not hide his demons. He once famously made a song and video lampooning his taste for public sex and his arrest cruising public restrooms (see the video and song “Outside”). And he remains in the spotlight though he’s released very few albums. In a startling interview with The Guardian Michael bluntly speaks of his marijuana use (abuse?), sexcapades, and crack. Yes, Whitney’s not the only superstar who has smoked it.

I was left with a squeamish feeling after reading through the piece. Part of me was refreshed with Michael’s candid nature and his willingness to let the most personal issues float to the surface. But the behavior and abuse he describes ultimately made me sad for someone who many, Elton John included, thinks needs help. And this interview is one giant cry for it. Hopefully, it comes.