Environment & religion: Middle Eastern bloggers cross faith lines

Despite its rich history and culture, when Westerners think of the Middle East, two things likely come to mind: oil production and religious conflict. A small group of bloggers and journalists from the region, and from Islamic, Jewish, and Christian faith backgrounds, are out to address those perceptions, as well as the real issues behind them, by gathering in Jordan on December 20-21. Responding specifically to the United Nations’ call for more reporting on environmental issues in the region, the bloggers will discuss a range of topics, including “…activism, design, urban health, religion, and clean technologies.

Sponsored by the San Francisco-based United Religions Initiative, and organized by Middle Eastern blog Green Prophet, the Jordanian youth organization Masar Center, and the Palestinian Volunteering for Peace group, the conference is designed to both fill in holes in environmental coverage of the region, and to forge connections across borders and faith lines. Green Prophet founder Karin Kloosterman notes “The environment is a leveler connecting Muslims, Jews, and Christians in this part of the world. By focusing on our shared challenges like global warming, water and pollution, we hope to encourage the crucial conversations and work in the field for a cleaner, more rewarding and sustainable Middle East.” (Full disclosure: Karin and I both wrote at Treehugger…)

Interested in following the developments of this unique gathering? Green Prophet has already established a page for coverage…

Image credit: Green Prophet (used with permission)