Corduroy skirts are a sin

It is hard being a homo these days. Every time I turn on the TV I see more crimes against us and more laws passed limiting gay marriage and then, on top of all that, we have to put up with hateful protesters. One of my gay brothers, Chris Pesto, a student at Syracuse, had enough the other day. When an anti-gay protester marched around campus with a sign reading “Homosexuality is a sin,” Pesto took matters into his own hand.

And he too drafted a sign and decided to protest an even bigger sin: corduroy skirts! No human, gay, straight, or whatever, deserves to be force-fed bad fashion. It is just not right. It is, may I dare say, un-American. Chris’ sign read “corduroy skirts are a sin.”

The above image made me smile (not a small feat on World AIDS Day). It captures the ridiculousness of the protester and the good cheer of the gays. Just saying. We are a funny group!