Blogging for Solar Schools: fundraising via the blogosphere

Solar systems at elementary and secondary schools create opportunities for reduced energy bills and student education… but they’re also expensive. Even when a school system recognizes the long-term potential for savings, the money just may not be there for the up-front investment.

The Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) and are trying out an innovative method of raising for school solar systems: get bloggers involved. The Bloggers for Solar Schools program ask site owners to install a badge on their site. For each badge installed, donates $10.00 to FEE’s Solar Schools program. They’ve set a goal of 10,ooo badge on sites, or $100,000.

I’m not sure how many systems that money will buy, though the program does focus on small solar installations (1-5 kW). The savings on energy may be relatively minimal, but the educational potential seems huge. Kids are hands-on learners, so having solar panels available could spur a lot of interest in renewable energy among students.

Bloggers — are you participating, or do you plan to participate? Think this is a worthwhile effort? Share your thoughts with us…

Image credit: / CC BY 2.0