Army sustainability efforts highlighted at Fort Bragg

The phrase “military sustainability” may strike you as an oxymoron: these guys are known for tanks, not treehugging. Over the past decade, though, the US armed forces have recognized the necessity of resource management to military readiness: various branches have tested out renewable energy, and the Army even released a sustainability report in 2007.

Fort Bragg, NC, may be the Army’s poster child for installation sustainability: since 2000, the base has engaged in a comprehensive sustainability program, which includes “compatible land use planning… food waste studies… renewable energy sources… alternative fuel and alternative fueled vehicles, [and] LEED certified buildings.” The base is even trying to get soldiers to carpool with new high-occupancy vehicle lanes leading into the base.

On January 12-14, Fort Bragg will get to brag by hosting a forum on installation sustainability for 40 representatives of Army bases. Among the topics the forum will cover: plans and integration, infrastructure and utilities, transportation, material lifecycle management, and training lands/land management.

A sustainable Army? The words may still feel strange… what do you think about these efforts?

via The Fayetteville Observer

Image: Soldiers from the 528th Sustainment Brigade practice litter-carry techniques during training at Fort Bragg, N.C.

Image credit: Courtesy of the U.S. Army, photographer Bonita Riddley