ABBA gets some respect

The bands Rolling Stone review and write about are predominantly men, except for the obligatory cover stories on pop starlets showing their tits. Rock radio almost entirely turns its back on female singers. And the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame typically inducts only men. Rock and Roll is a sexist world. And gays love women too much to stand for it. It is why we listen to dance and disco, you know?

But this week something changed. ABBA, the Swedish mega-band, much more famous in every other part of the globe other than the USA, will be inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame. They’re camp. Melodic. Tacky. Sugary-sweet. Fronted by two women. And gay, gay, gay, gay, gay.

Maybe the rock world is waking up a bit. For every Bob Dylan and Mick Jagger the world needs an ABBA. In sequins, feather boas, and harmonizing a ridiculous lyric of love.