Weather stripping our way to economic empowerment

Did you know that last Friday (October 30) was National Weatherization Day? Me neither, but the US Department of Energy marked the occasion with the launch of a new website: Energy Empowers. The site is chock full of media telling stories about how simple home upgrades to insulation, windows, and heating systems are saving consumers money on their energy bills, and providing jobs in local communities hard hit by the economic downturn.

There’s definitely a PR angle here: throughout the videos and slide shows provided, the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (aka, the stimulus package) gets at least partial credit for this renaissance in weatherization and efficiency upgrades. Regardless of your position on government’s efforts to stimulate the economy, you’ll definitely find the stories contained on the site encouraging. And, of course, weatherization is hardly radical, so it’s good to see that a refocus on common-sense energy saving measures is having a big effect on people’s lives.

Seen a growth of weatherization activity in your own community? Done some efficiency upgrades to your own home? Share your stories with us…

via the US Department of Energy’s Energy Savers Blog