Truth or Dare for grownups… really lazy grownups

There’s a reason why Truth or Dare is mostly played by high school kids — because they’re the only ones who are willing to spend hours coming up with creative truths or dares to get their peers more naked, either figuratively or literally. After a hard day at work — or, worse, after a hard day of trolling the help wanted ads in the middle of a recession — who can be bothered to be that creative? Especially when the sex is a sure thing.

Which is where “Truth or Dare: A Game of Passion” comes in. The truths and dares are already written for you (so you don’t have to worry about your partner making fun of your idea of a saucy dare) — all you have to do is roll the die. The packaging is retro-cool and the rules are simple: If the die shows either Truth or Dare, pick a card from the appropriate stack, and if the die lands on Wild, take your pick and then either perform the command yourself or make your partner do it (the official rules add that you can pass if you like, but we think that’s lame so we’re going to ignore it).

Don’t worry, no one’s going to ask you if you’ve ever shagged a sheep in this game. The Truth cards mostly just encourage fantasy sharing, and the questions about the past are pretty mild on the jealousy factor (e.g. If you could watch an intimate moment from your partner’s life before you, what would it be?). And the Dares are mostly good dirty fun — acting or sounding out a porn clip, giving lap-dances, role-playing, getting D.I.Y. with kitchen tools, improvising with items from the fridge, calling a tech support line for a software company and telling them you need software for brothel management (okay, so maybe this last one could actually have been written by a 14-year-old boy — but, hey, nothing wrong with feeling like a teenager again). However, we do give you permission to take a pass on the Dare that asks you to call a relative and fit the words “whip,” “suckle,” and “climax” into a five-minute conversation, no matter what the die says. A relative? That’s just plain wrong.

The game is probably best played with a long-term partner — if you’re still in the honeymoon stage, it’s more fun to accidentally stumble on this stuff. And besides, you want to save a little something for later. Either way, we recommend a drink or two while you play — ask any high schooler, the Truth, not to mention the Dare, is more fun with a little Dutch courage.

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