The last days of Gourmet

When Condé Nast decided to cease publication of Gourmet Magazine my heart sunk a little bit. Though I rarely used a recipe from the book I often times found myself perusing the pages for inspiration. It was a quality magazine.

As the publishing world changes at a drastic pace it is interesting to watch what becomes of print media. For someone who escaped as a child into the pages of magazines, and who still does, it’s a bit saddening to see these guys become extinct.

On the website Last Days of Gourmet Kevin DeMaria wrote “October 5th, 2009 in shock and disbelief, using garbage pails for long exposures, I took these photos of the last days at Gourmet.Although at times it was hard for me to shoot the common places in the offices at Gourmet, I knew I needed to document where I loved working for the last 8 years.”

The images captured will resonate with more than just those who work in print media. They capture the sorrow of many Americans who have lost their jobs.