The Divine 80s

The venerable NYC nightclub 1984 has been celebrating the 80s long before they became chic again. And it still offers a remarkable treat to those of us who spent our formative years in day-glo listening to Duran Duran. Resident DJ Chip Duckett, who also happens to be NYC’s biggest drag queen booker, curates a video show each week worthy of  price of admission alone.

Last week he played 6 plus hours of all Kate Bush’s videos. Yes, Kate Bush is an acquired taste. And this week’s videos are even more so: Divine. Most remember Divine as John Waters muse and star of his vulgar films. But what you may not know is that Divine also made music. Glorious punk disco records. And this Friday at 1984 they’re playing all 15 of his videos. This is pretty major as most are not available anywhere. Not even on YouTube.

I may go just to watch. But in the meantime watch the above video and remember the 80s in all their glamorous filth.