Rihanna's domestic abuse sells albums — so what?

Some people have been questioning Rihanna’s choice to wait to talk about her domestic abuse right until the release of her new album. But that’s just the way the magazine-TV-PR-celebrity-promotional circle jerk works: celebrities don’t tend to chat to magazine writers or TV presenters just because they feel like it, they do it because they are contractually required to promote something. And magazines, TV shows, et al are more than happy to comply, because celebrity cover stories sell like hotcakes. Also, juicy celebrity cover stories sell even better — thus promoting the product even further — so usually both interviewer and subject know exactly what they’re doing. And everyone signs on the dotted line and agrees that this juicy interview will appear in a well-timed fashion so as to help push that product…or else someone’s publicist is going to be really pissed off. In other words, when Rihanna spoke to Glamour and 20/20, she was just doing her job. And, at least in the 20/20 interview, she explains her poor choice to temporarily get back together with her abuser and uses her celebrity to encourage young girls in the same situation not to do the same thing. Oh yeah, and if your boyfriend beats the shit out of you and you’re forced to go through the aftermath in the limelight, we think you deserve to get a few album sales out of it.