Rain harvesting design: the Waterwall

If you’re thinking about getting started with rain water harvesting, but aren’t impressed by the aesthetics of the typical rain barrel, fear not: a number of companies out there are creating more pleasing designs that also capture a lot of rain water. Urban Gardens and Home Design Find recently took note of Waterwall’s Fatboy storage tank, which holds 650 gallons of water, saves a ton of space, and doesn’t look like, well, a plastic barrel.

Waterwall touts design principles that ensure no algae growth (“UV stabilised high density polyethylene”), and structural integrity over the long term. Their photo gallery demonstrates also that the Fatboy can integrate very nicely in terms home appearance.

The other item they have in the works that also should integrate nicely into any home’s design: freestanding rain water harvesting tanks that also function as fencing.

Know of other designers and manufacturers producing rain water harvesting equipment that don’t involve the word “barrel?” Share them below…

Image credit: Waterwall