Pink Mince

Now that print media is dying and everyone and their mother has a blog, many of us old school bloggers are looking for what’s next. Twitter, perhaps? No. Some other new media outlet? Of course not. We’re bringing back zines.

Blogs, at least in the old days, you know, ten years ago, were basically zines. One person’s stories and images published in rudimentary ways. They were never intended to get big. But now that blogs are big many bloggers are turning their backs on online content and printing their musings.

I recently discovered Pink Mince. The name kills me. Published by Dan Rhatigan of, Pink Mince is “for the confirmed bachelor of exceptional tastes.” Now into his fourth issue he’s already published sexual images of a guy in a banana costume and issue two consisted entirely of graphic sexual images of action figures. Naturally, that was my favorite.

Why subscribe to mass market magazines shilling the same luxury goods when you can get art delivered to your doorstep for a fraction of a cost? Nobody thought it then, but maybe people will give zines like Pink Mince a little respect. Bloggers, old school ones, have earned it.