Phaidon is popping off in SOHO

Literally (and strategically) around the corner from the Taschen store in SOHO is the brand new Phaidon pop up shop, conveniently open now through the holidays. But who cares how calculated the timing and location is when some of the best art books are now a whole lot closer than Picadilly, Phaidon’s only other store. The shop carries the full range of books from cooking to architecture as well as new releases like “My Name Is Charles Saatchi And I Am An Artoholic” and the Anish Kapoor monograph. The Collector’s Editions are all on hand to lust over, including a new one not listed on the website from Jeff Wall. These are special editions that are beautifully bound in custom-made boxes that, aside from the signed and numbered book include a signed and numbered print. And since the store offers same day delivery (art books are heavy) you can really stock up.