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Pet Shop Boys cover Coldplay


If you were lucky enough to catch the still-going-strong Pet Shop Boys last tour then you undoubtedly remember their glorious cover of Coldplay’s Viva La Vida. It was mixed at the show with their Miami-inspired hit record Domino Dancing. Now word is out that the duo has recorded the mix-up with Madonna record producer Stuart Price. It will be included on their new EP, Christmas, released in December. You can hear the track here and see a live performance here.

It also brings to mind the Pet Shop Boys’ other covers. The band is masterful at recreating other’s song. They never try to interpret these songs traditionally. Instead, they bend the music and lyrics to fit the Pet Shop Boys’ sound. Examples: Elvis Presley’s You Were Always on My Mind, U2′s Where the Streets Have No Name, and the Village People’s Go West.

While most of their contemporaries fade away with 80s nostalgia the Pet Shop Boys remain relevant.