Out verses Adam Lambert

I love the drama involving Out magazine and Adam Lambert and our very own Michael Musto is smack dab in the middle of it. Story goes like this. Out publishes an Out 100 list every year honoring both gays and straights who accomplished something great the previous year. Being one of the first out gay performers unapologetic about their sexuality before their career takes off, Lambert seemed an obvious choice.

But, according to Out editor Aaron Hicklin, Lambert’s people urged Out to not make Adam look too gay (as if possible!) and only agreed to a group shot, which included another freakish singer, the heterosexual Cyndi Lauper. Hicklin’s shot at Lambert and his handlers in this letter. He says “apparently, Out was too gay, even for you.”

Michael Musto, over at the Village Voice, goes further today stating that Hicklin told him Out was “also informed that Adam probably wouldn’t be able to attend an Out 100 event because they didn’t want to jeopardize his record sales.” Has anyone seen the album cover? Really?

Now Lambert tweets back accusing Hicklin of stirring up drama for magazine sales. Both Out and Lambert are slaves to that marketing dollar. And something tells me, on one level or another, they’re all happy with this outcome.