Organic Soup Kitchen feeds homeless well this Thanksgiving

If you’ve done any volunteering in homeless shelters or soup kitchens, you know that these institutions have to focus on stretching their dollars to feed as many people as possible… so organic and/or local produce may be out of the question. Santa Barbara’s Organic Soup Kitchen, a “relatively new non-profit,” takes a different approach to feeding the hungry: their mission statement proclaims that “…no person regardless of financial status shall compromise the quality of food they feed themselves or their family.”

For Thanksgiving, this means a free meal of “…rosemary roasted turkey, quinoa walnut stuffing, honey cranberry sauce, yams, salad, vegetables and pumpkin pie,” with at least 60% of the food being organically grown.

The brainchild of retired magazine publishing executive Anthony Carroccio, Organic Soup Kitchen regularly provides Sunday meals for the homeless. He gets the bulk of his produce from a local organic farmer, and has also received financial help from Santa Barbara’s Lazy Acres Market.

Thursday’s meal will serve as a watershed for the organization, but Carroccio has even bigger plans: a mobile soup kitchen to reach more people, and a model that can be replicated by other organizations.

Know of other organizations dedicated to feeding the homeless and disadvantaged with organic and local food? Share their stories with us…

via Daily Sound

Image credit: Organic Soup Kitchen photo albums