Organic Hip Hop Conference hits Miami this weekend

Quick: think of a hip hop song that addresses urban farming or vegetarianism. You might have a tough time… doesn’t most of the music associated with this style revolve around glorifying gangstas? Not according to the organizers of this weekend’s sixth annual Organic Hip-Hop conference: “Just as Hip Hop as a culture was birthed in activism with the goal of saving lives, we seek to continue in that tradition by providing an alternative lifestyle that will garner better physical as well mental and spiritual health.”

The event’s agenda certainly lives up to those claims: planned activities include

  • a vegetarian banquet Friday night with a keynote speech by co-founder of the Hip Hop Chess Federation (HHCF) Adisa Banjoko
  • a Youth Summit on Saturday which includes a workshop by Banjoko (“Chess as Life Strategy”), as well as presentations on urban farming and healthy living
  • an artistic showcase on Saturday night featuring spoken word poetry, hip hop musicians, and even an acrobatic troupe.

Traditional environmentalism has had a difficult time breaking in to minority communities…likely because its pretty white and middle-class on its face. This kind of grass-roots approach seems smart… green can work for any  community, but it has to be framed for that community. I’m hoping the organizers of this event follow up afterward… we could all learn from their approach.

via Broward-Palm Beach New Times

Image credit: Organic Hip-Hop Conference