Ogaki, in 4 weights

Hungarian typographer and graphic designer Aron Jansco used to doodle during class. “My schools weren’t too strict,” he says, so he had a lot of time for drawing graffiti and letterforms. Graffiti still remains a big part of his design style, though you wouldn’t know it to look at Ogaki, his very first type face, now available from Gestalten. But if you look through Jansco’s body of work, Ogaki is the natural result of years of blending graffiti, Japanese calligraphy and modern design. But it really started with the letter G.

“The double-story lowercase g to be exact. Most designers say it’s good to start with something like h and o, because you can generate a couple of letters from these shapes. But I like g because it gives a lot more freedom than other letters. The hook at the bottom is the best part for me, but I like that little ear too.”