It's Sexual Health Week in Australia

Australia kicked off its first ever Sexual Health Week yesterday (running through the 15th) to promote condoms, STI tests, birth control, etc. (To paraphrase Paul Hogan, now that’s a fight!) As part of the project, a survey was conducted showing that nearly all adult Australians taking part in the study have had unprotected sex, but only about half of them have had a test for sexually transmitted infections. We’re sure American numbers aren’t much better. It’s been a while since the ’80s AIDS scare and we’ve gotten lazy with the latex. So let’s take a minute to review Sexual Health Week’s goals and messages, for they are important and inspiring and should not be forgotten, no matter where you are in the world.


  • Decrease the rates of sexually transmitted infections in Australia
  • Encourage regular sexual health check ups
  • Remove the stigma surrounding sexually transmitted infections and sexual health
  • Promote awareness of the many contraceptive options available
  • Reinforce the importance of condom usage and practicing safe sex at all times


  • Take control of your sexual health – always negotiate safe sex
  • Don’t let love bug you – get a sexual health check up
  • Contraception Conundrums? – find out what contraception is right for you