I left my heart at the Ace Hotel

The Ace Hotel in Palm Springs is a magical place. Sunny year round and designed in a style that has a mid-century vibe, it’s not too glam and not too pretentious as some of Palm Springs’ swankier hotels. I stayed there this weekend and left my heart.

It happened to be Gay Pride in Palm Springs too. So, assuredly that helped. This was not the intent of my trip, however, though I did enjoy the shenanigans nonetheless. Dina Martina performed her scary drag shtick. Butt Magazine sponsored porn screenings and Q&As with porn directors and even had a special drink menu. And James St. James, who wrote Disco Bloodbath, was running around the pool with a full on camera crew documenting the experience for the guys over at World of Wonder.

An affordable hotel in a gorgeous setting I recommend the trip for all folks, gay and straight. Dogs ran around, trannies too. The restaurant hostess serenaded us as she paced around the hotel restaurant. And I was reminded about what Gay Pride should be: celebrating friendship, creativity, and freedom. It was the opposite of the media-sponsored, big productions of Prides across other bigger cities.