How Consumer Reports tests condoms

Consumer Reports recently tested a whopping 15,000 condoms (bought by one dude!) representing 20 models. Alas, there was no actual-use testing done in the lab on the slab, just the boring scientific stuff: packaging examination, stretching, measuring, filling them with liquid to check for leaks, and inflating them with air to the size of 5-gallon water jugs to check for strength until they popped! Wait, who said science was boring? (Check out the video above to see how they do it — try to ignore the cheesy wink-wink-nudge-nudge commentary.) Seven out of the twenty got a perfect score — they include one Durex, two Lifestyles, and four Trojan models — but to get the specific models and their exact ratings you have to be a subscriber. Damn you, Consumer Reports! But a little birdie told us that one of the best ones (receiving a perfect score in strength, reliability and leakage) was Trojan Her Pleasure Ecstasy and one of the worst ones (for strength and leakage) was the Night Light glow-in-the-dark model (though it definitely would give wearers the chance to recreate that awesome scene from Skin Deep).