Halloween 2009 costume round up

As the post-Halloween haze lifts, lets take a moment to reflect back on some of the more imaginative, creative, and/or topical costumes from around the country that reverberated around the Internet and blogosphere this week. My favorite this year fell on the surreal artsy side of things. Artist Eric Testroete built a “papercraft self-portrait,” which reminds me of those easter egg modes in video games that turns all the characters heads into “big heads.” More after the jump.

Geeks around the world on the other hand fell in love with this girl’s “pixelated, low resolution” costume.

The same geeks also went bananas for these two guys’ risqué spin on the Google search homepage.

While Mario costumes are a dime a dozen every year (although it never gets old for me…), this guy created an amazing version of Mario with working sounds from the game:

Generational iPods.

“Yo generational iPod costumes I’m really happy for you and Imma let you trick or treat, but these working iPods are the greatest costumes of all time!”

Some runners got started early by dressing up for the New York City marathon (which incidentally passes right by the front door of my apartment!)

Best Week Ever liked this baby’s Michael Jackson tribute.

Baby Michael is cute, but once again Asian babies are the cutest as evidenced by this baby in Bruce Lee’s iconic yellow jump suit.