Green tech finds (11/27/09)

Thankful for green technology? So are we… here are this week’s finds.

  • Fresh water + salt water = energy: Norwegian power company Statkraft opened the world’s first osmotic energy plant on Tuesday.

  • Storage start-ups get federal funding: Big announcement of federal smart grid funding on Tuesday… and energy storage start-ups shared in the largess.

  • Scots harnessing the waves: The connection of the Oyster hydro-electric device to Scotland’s power grid last week brought the country into a very exclusive club of wave energy harvesters.

  • Solar plane passes runway test: The very lightweight Solar Impulse completed an early hurdle towards being the first solar-powered aircraft to fly around the world: runway testing. Watch the video above. (via GreenTech Pastures)

  • The radar-absorbing wind turbine: Since current radar systems can’t tell the difference between an offshore wind turbine and a low-flying plane, developers are working on “stealth” turbines that absorb radar waves. (via Ecogeek)

  • Are there pesticides on my food? The What’s on My Food iPhone app allows you to find out what pesticides are commonly used with types of food, and provides information on how to remove any residues. (via Care2)

  • The recyclable paper laptop: It’s just a concept, but designer Je Sung Park envisions a laptop computer made from pulp and reprocessed materials. (via Eco Tech Daily)

As always, share your own green tech finds with us… leave us a comment below.