Green tech finds (11/12/09)

Recycled bridges, “road trains,” and baby poop power… this week’s green tech finds!

  • Electric cars: an answer for climate change… right? According to Britain’s Environmental Transport Association, that may be a flawed assumption if the electric grid remains largely c0al-powered. (via AutoBlog Green)

  • The push-powered snow mover: If you think the available options available for shoveling snow are bad (either shoveling, or snow blowing), check out the Snow Wovel. (via Green Tech Pastures)

  • “I’ve got a bridge to sell ya”: That’s Axion International Holdings message to the US Army… and the bridges themselves (which will replace old wooden ones) are made from recycled plastic.

  • Text while driving, and save gas: All that and more with the “road train” concept being tested in Europe. Link your car in with a wireless sensor, and you can nap behind the wheel… with a potential 20% cut in fuel use. (via EcoGeek)

  • 12 potentially game-changing fuels: Accenture has issued a report on low-carbon fuels that could change the transportation market within the next ten years. (via Earth2Tech)

  • Self-powered diaper recycling: Versus Energy and Knowaste have plans to build England’s first diaper recycling plant. What will it run on? Baby poop, of course…

  • Too much of a good thing: First Wind’s proposed Longfellow Wind Farm in Maine may have to be moved because there’s just too much wind at the originally-planned site. (via Earth & Industry)

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