Factory Records

A friend of mine recently was explaining his obsession with Factory Records. The label was a Manchester-based independent record label in the influential in the late 70s and 80s and still today. Their roster included some groundbreaking artists: Joy Division, New Order, James, OMD, and Happy Mondays. And not only was the label focused on curating a beautiful, interesting collection of music, but they paid the same amount of detail to the packaging and artwork for each release.

The label not only cataloged its music, but also its artwork and various other items. As someone obsessed with typefaces, album packaging, techno-pop, and music in general I have become very interested in the concept of the label and the albums, artists, and artwork. There was a coffee table printed a few years back documenting the albums. I just ordered it.

You can also do what I’ve been doing to learn more. I’ve spent way too much time on this site examining the releases and the artwork.