Design USA

The very first laptop computer was designed in 1982. It was chunky and boxy and had a phone attached, but where would be now without it, and more importantly, without its creator Bill Moggridge? Where would we be without Herman Miller or Google or Tupperware or Burt Rutan’s privately funded and awesome-looking SpaceShip One? All of these have contributed to our quality of life and have, in the last ten years, been honored with a National Design Award.

The award ceremony took place in late October, but the National Design Museum at Cooper-Hewitt will be commemorating the last decade of the NDA until February, with exhibitions of winning designs as well as workshops in several disciplines like fashion (kids can make their very own Maria Cornejo or Isabel Toledo-inspired outfits), typography design with Hoefler & Frere-Jones and stage design in the style of the Rockwell Group.