CRUSHfanzine + ACE Hotel Pop Up

As you may know from an earlier post this week I love the Ace Hotel. While I adore the one in Palm Springs, there is also an Ace here in NYC. Tomorrow another thing I adore, CRUSHfanzine, will be hosting a pop-up shop at the NYC Ace.

CRUSHfanzine is a self-published by two guys, Nicolas & Khary, and it’s a zine focusing on a single theme.  Their current issue is all about the obsession with feet. Yes, I said feet. Called Foot Soldiers it explores a fetish that many don’t know exists or keep secret. While I love the book and think you should pick it up I also encourage you to check out the pop-up shop if in NYC. The items they’re selling, including one of a kind customized Chuck Taylor All Stars by NY designers and artists Desi Santiago, Zaldy and Miguel Villalobos, sound awesome. But I am most intrigued to see the guys who show up. If anything like those featured in the zine you’ll be pleasantly surprised.