Anderson & Co.

(Photo from The New Yorker‘s “Wild Wild Wes”)

Expectations are high for Wes Anderson’s Friday release of FANTASTIC MR. FOX. At last night’s Q&A at the 92nd Street Y in Tribeca, neither Anderson nor Jason Schwartzman brought up the critically indecisive response THE DARJEELING LIMITED received two years ago, but why would they with a promising new film due out in mere days? Moderator Dave Karger from Entertainment Weekly Magazine (I heard they tried to get Richard Brody, who recently profiled Anderson for The New Yorker) was certainly comfortable in front of a crowd, but his questions hardly brought up anything Anderson fans didn’t already know, like the charming but much-visited story of how Shwartzman and Anderson met at a RUSHMORE audition. It’s obvious the two have a lot of affection and respect for each other and their 12-year working relationship (fodder, perhaps, for one of Anderson’s father-son story-lines?), and while this chemistry made for a very warm Q&A (in fact, Schwartzman used the word warmth several times when referring to Anderson), I kept waiting to see something besides the theatrical trailer, which Karger actually showed, but what can you expect from a man who interviews Anderson and has never heard of Futura? Instead, he allowed the duo to reminisce for an hour. Don’t get me wrong, it was nice to hear them chat, but what about the obvious similarities between FOX and WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE? What about the experience living and writing in Roald Dahl’s actual house for months? What was that like? I guess my eagerness will remain pent up until Friday.