20th anniversary of Berlin Wall fall round up

This week the Internet celebrated the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, an imposing and deadly barrier separating East and West Germany after World War II. Its removal signaled the symbolic end of the Cold War and the unification of Germany. The New York Times had a visual diagram depicting the security aspects of the wall as well as a fascinating then-and-now interactive look at the wall over the years. Boston Globe’s popular photo blog The Big Picture has a stunning collection of photographs capturing the event as well as this week’s celebrations. As part of the anniversary event, a thousand dominoes painted by artists and school children from around the world were lined up and toppled.

ABC News also posted on their YouTube page the original televised report of Peter Jennings announcing this “astonishing development” from Germany. What’s interesting, Marc Hirsh points out about this video is comparatively how succinct it was compared to today’s non-stop scrolling, 24-hour media coverage.

Three minutes and nineteen seconds, and then ABC News was out. It’s all but certain that the newsroom was in overdrive by this time, but you don’t see it. Jennings simply reported what ABC knew, called on a journalist close to the action to provide details and promised updates as they became available. And then, most shockingly from the modern-day standpoint, he shut up.