Your today's surreal

This entry is apropos of nothing other than that I finally got around to reading The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay which I recently completed. I can’t emphasize how much I enjoyed the fictional novel, but this entry isn’t meant to be a book review. No one wants to read my pedantic explication of this (truly fantastic) novel. This isn’t a spoiler, but I enjoyed the cameo appearance of Salvador Dali in Michael Chabon’s literary tour de force, which perfectly segues into this image I came across on the Internet today. Look at this photograph of the surrealist nonchalantly taking an anteater out for a stroll. No matter how “weird” or “bizarre” or “crazy” your day might be, ask yourself, “Have I seen anyone take their anteater for a walk today?” If your answer is no, then your day has been quite normal and mundane. And oh yeah, go pick up Amazing Adventures and thank me later.

If you enjoyed this, also check out this brilliant photograph of Hemingway that got passed around the Internet class.