The "Vulva Love Lovely" Etsy store

If the news we reported recently about Betty Dodson’s Genital Art Gallery being forced offline really got you down, here’s something to brighten your day: There’s an Etsy retailer called Vulva Love Lovely dedicated exclusively to women’s genital and reproductive artsy craftsy thingies. We’re fans of the more lighthearted, graphical stuff: the little cartoon uterus pillows and the vagina dentata clutch. Babeland (the folks we heard about Vulva Love Lovely from) really like the vulva portrait necklaces fashioned after customers’ own naughty bits (you send them a photo or description to work from). We could maybe see carrying around one of their little generic vulva pendants on a keychain as a funny feminist statement…maybe. But wearing your own spread eagle around your neck? That takes serious labes.