Portroids: signed polaroid portraits of the famous

Our society’s obsession with celebrity gossip has only become magnified and proliferated in the digital age as celebrity photos du jour appear seemingly simultaneously on countless gossip blogs and websites, where publication turnaround times often lap the mainstream gossip periodicals. Moreover, the rapid dissemination of a single photograph within this cultural echo chamber especially within the online landscape raises some questions of ownership for both the photographer and subject. Like pandora’s box, once the photo is published on a single website, it has essentially entered the public space whereby ownership is practically irrelevant. This is just the opinion of one humble blogging pop culture-ologist. Against this backdrop, the celebrity portraits, or what he calls “portroids” taken by Rick DeMint with his polaroid camera appear refreshingly “authentic.” Each single polaroid is signed by the subject as it develops which implies a certain cooperation and complicity by the Famous Person, unlike the paparrazi photographs we’ve all learned to love and hate. In conclusion, where did I come across Rick’s photographs? Via Kanye’s blog, natch.