Music video: Kings of Convenience, "Boat Behind"

The video for popularly indie (no paradox there) duo Kings of Convenience’s soothing single “Boat Behind” from their new album Declaration of Dependence plays like the ultimate stereotypical hipster guy’s fantasy: Erlend and Eirik with their shaggy hair styles and requisite big frame glasses go on a road trip in an old unsexy car, a Rover SD1. Along the way in their “meaningful trip,” they pick up four hitchhiking cute girls who look like they are straight out of Williamsburg casting central. In other words, the next time these guys want to go on the road again, goin’ places that they’ve never been, seein’ girls they may never see again, I hope they invite me along. I’m free for this sort of stuff. Always. I have a few extra vacation days to use up. Let me know.