While it’s not out until November 13th, there have been plenty of teasers and trailers and behind-the-scenes sneak peaks to keep us satiated until the much-aniticpated release of FANTASTIC MR. FOX. This one, courtesy of Wired, is appropriately tech-heavy and shows the intricate system of cameras and computers that allow production units in various locations to work with each other in real time. That means Wes Anderson, from his apartment in Paris, can see the set in London and even direct an animator to change the angle of a puppet’s head ever so slightly.

And if you look closely at the set that visual effects guru Matthew Kitcat uses an example in the video, you’ll see that the armchair configuration Mr. Fox has (with a board propped up over knees and across the arms of the chair) is a nicely done homage to Roald Dahl’s own method, pictured below. Nice touch.