Monty Python turns 40

This Sunday night IFC kicks off Python Week with the first of six hour-long episodes of the new documentary MONTY PYTHON: ALMOST THE TRUTH (THE LAWYER’S CUT). They’ll be airing all the classics too, HOLY GRAIL, LIFE OF BRIAN, LIVE AT THE HOLLYWOOD BOWL along with some of the more memorable “Flying Circus” episodes. I expect that means plenty of dead parrots, singing lumberjacks, military fairies, silly walks, a few winks and a nudge.

To get things going the Pythons themselves (sans Chapman, of course) will reunite this evening at the Ziegfeld Theatre in NYC for a screening of the truly uncut documentary, which clocks in at nearly 8 hours. Those who can make it all the way through will be treated to a Q&A afterwards. Personally, I’m just fine with six one hour doses over the course of a week.