Lorelei Lee: From DP to NYU (and back again)

Though doing porn to “pay for college” is an oft cited cliche, there are, in fact, many girls in the adult industry who are working their way through school–and taking their classes seriously, too. Lorelei Lee is one of those girls: the ten year veteran of the adult biz recently moved to New York City to pursue an MFA in creative writing at NYU.

But it’s not a story of mainstream crossover: Lorelei has no immediate plans to leave the adult industry, even after she’s got her degree in hand (a wise move if you ask us: in this economy, there’s many an unemployed MFA wandering the city). And Lorelei’s not alone in bringing higher ed to this hedonistic business: Vivid Girl AJ Bailey has a master’s in anthropology (and we suspect she’s not the only one).

Our best wishes go out to Lorelei on her grad school journey. And, uh, if she can impart some of the knowledge she picks up in her writing program to some of Porn Valley’s more prolific scriptwriters, well, that’d be pretty swell, too.

The Rumpus Oral History Project— Lorelei Lee [therumpus.net]