I just made love

I’m someone who definitely kisses and tells. I have been all my life and usually it turns my partners red with embarrassment and sometimes red with anger. Additionally, I’ve never been popular with guys who seek “discretion” when hooking up. FYI: “discretion” is code word for “I have a boyfriend.” I am really dangerous to those guys.

Even though I am happily partnered now I still can imagine what it must be like to with a click of an iPhone being able to share my sexual conquests with the world. Part Twitter and part Loopt, the technology of I Just Made Love (mentioned earlier by Em and Lo) allows you to brag about those encounters. You can choose the city, street, and even building you got laid in. And of course you can choose the position.

It’s for the voyeur who wants to know what others are doing and where they’re doing it. And, of course, how they’re doing it.

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